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About Digital Art / Hobbyist Core Member call me DHack, DHackTrix ;DFemale/Unknown Groups :icontew-yaoi: TEW-Yaoi
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DHackTrix's Profile Picture
call me DHack, DHackTrix ;D
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art

Hellow, i'm DHackTrix ,you can always just call me dhack or something. I don't really like to be called at my own name C:

I'm a hobbyist, i draw for fun. But i do like to do commission and why i do commissions is because i want to save some money for needy things like getting a car or a house, just so i can get out of the house i live right now ^^

What i really like to draw are my favourite anime's and games.

i hope you enjoy my gallery, have a look around! :iconhandsomeonionplz:

History on DA ::

i had some bad experience in the past with my art, i mean i had my age on my profile and i got scolded by others because they wouldn't believe i drew that art , so now i kept my age off my profile.


wich one do you like more? 

22 deviants said i like both equally! :dummy:
8 deviants said Digital Art
No deviants said Tratidional Art


wich one do you like more?
22 deviants said i like both equally! :dummy:
8 deviants said Digital Art
No deviants said Tratidional Art
that moment when you get a mass amount of invasion of privacy ;n;
So i havent done anything like drawing the past 2 days because i had a massive headache that can't be treated with painkillers , i call that a "morning headache"
That's when i wake up with a headache and neckpain because i slept too long
The headache is almost fully gone
BUT my eyes need urgent rest and healing from staring at my screen too much. Even typing this message on my phone makes my eyes feel like prunes
I'll probably stay away from my laptop for a few days

My IBS (need help..)


So some of you know that i have a physical constraints, i talked about it a little bit
So i have IBS, the reason why i'm telling you this now is because yesterday i got an "attack" as i like to call them
that suddenly out of nowhere you get those massive painful cramps ,you go to the bathroom, and just sit there on the toilet in a foetus position
just wishing the moment was over
Well that just sounds like a normal case of painful diarrhea you may think
you that's probably true ,in your eyes
my IBS started 4 years ago, i had the most stressful moment in life and that's how i got IBS ( so be careful with stress)
for 3 years when i still went to highschool, i struggled EVERY DAY to go to school wiht the bus, EVERY morning i had diarrhea
it's really exhausting, and you get paranoid when on a vehicle ,because you never know when the next "attack" will come
I just hope i'll never go suicidal because of it ..even though i had some times

Right now at this moment me and my mother found some things that would help me, we are gonna try out different things and see what will work
i already go to a psycholgist because of the anxiety my IBS causes
I don't want to be that special person with that special syndrome
i really don't want to bother my mom with it ,with paying alot of money for those things that MIGHT help 

I need your help :/
if you want to help me and support me with overwinning my IBS you can donate some money for the therapies i'm gonna try 
i woul really appreciate it and my mom would too :')

Just note me if you want to donate and help me



BUY ME A COFFEE!! I am a dummy! 
a few clicks and it's done ;3
Buy Me A Coffee 2 by DHackTrix

Buy Me a Coffee

I thank you all for entering my art contest! i LOVED all the art! :dummy:

For ranking the entries, I will look at ::
- Anatomy
- Color use
- Composition
- Use of blank space
- Character mistakes (forgetting things of my characters design,..)

I will give some short feedback on all the artwork

I will only Rank the 3 winners, the rest of them will be at the same rank! :la:
(for people to know, i will never give 10/10 ,cuz that's impossible to get perfection xD even the best artists don't get 10/10 ;D


The Ultimate winner on

Deha - ( DHackTrix contest ) by Illo1
Anatomy:: 8/10
Color use:: 7/10
composition:: 7/10
Use of blank space:: 8/10
Character mistakes:: 9/10

Judge comment::
The anatomy looks pretty correct, the arms look a little odd, but at the same time it looks correct.
Practice on shading more and your art will look fabulous! :dummy:
is see no mistakes in the character and you filled up the blank space pretty well!


[Style A]Ooops....Some Stitches came off.... by A-Lovy
Anatomy:: 7/10
Color use:: 9/10
composition:: 7/10
Use of blank space:: 6/10
Character mistakes:: 7/10

Judge comment::
Anatomy is pretty correct ,you probably have a unique style of drawing, but in my eyes the face looks simple and has no details (even though I LOVE THE ARTWORK AND ARTSYLE! :heart:)
The colors are perfect, i see no mistakes.
Composition is simple, placed in the middle ,Can look flattering though (it's not like i don't do that °3°)
As all artists should know, filling up an artwork with a simple background can be a bad petpeeve, Try to focus on backgrounds and your art will look wonderful! C:
Some mistakes were made,(i know you explained why you have those mistakes, but it must be told :V)
her hair splits above her left eyebrow, not the right side. The stitches on her leg should be on the left side and not the right side.
I will accept the guts you used even if she doesn't have them! :dummy:


Deha by Jamcouver
Anatomy:: 7/10
Color use:: 7/10
composition:: 6/10
Use of blank space:: 7/10
Character mistakes:: 8/10

Judge comment::
I have not really any comment on the Anatomy, because i can only see the face :la:
face looks great ,only that she lacks a bit of shape to her face.
Color use, because it's traditional it looks fine to me, you've done a great job at at copying the colors! :dummy:
composition is simple, but in the middle.
you've filled the background up with some blue coloring, it does give the artwork some extra character.
Try to give your future art some more detailed backgrounds, it will make it look much better! :la:
you didn't have alot of blank space, so you filled it up witht he blue coloring, so it looks fine.
Her hair doesn't look really flowing, it's a bit stiff and her hoodie is too small, BUT i see no mistakes in the face! 


Other great entries!
Y'all did a great job!
Deha by MafurakoChan       
Judge comment::
I loved the artwork and i love how you dressed up Deha! It's very cute! :heart:
a little mistake was made on her face, the stitches she has are a bit different
She has two stitches on her cheek and two stitches on her forehead ,nor more then that ^^
No background ,simple but the artwork is still pretty!

.:Elque Contest entry:. by pakozx5    
Judge comment::
the anatomy is a bit incorrect, practice more and it'll get better! :dummy:
You did made a background, so that's well done! but it's still very simple.
The coors you used are almost on point! it looks great only they shading should not be done by a soft brush
It makes the artwork look flat (helpful tip here :la:)
A bit of character mistakes i can see, some of the stitches aren't placed correctly ,but it looks fine ^^
Her eye is green with a bit of orange around the pupil, not full orange, her other eye does not have an iris or pupil, it's pure white
You did fill up the artwork so i'm happy about that! :dummy:

Deha Contest Entry by Ruburi
Judge comment::
the anatomy looks fine to me, only her neck is a bit too long.
you used the correct colors! very good!!
Deha doesn't have eyebrows ,so that's a lil' mistake :3 and her hair is too short
You've made her robe very well! how the hoodie is big and how it lays on her shoulders! :dummy:
You filled up the background a little bit with the yellow patch, i don't really know what that patch of yellow is there
i don't really see a purpose to have it there.
I still think this artwork is VERY cute! i do really love it!

When you've seen you WON ,please contact me through a NOTE and we can discuss your price! :dummy:


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